Donor Steering Group looks to sustain Poverty-Environment mainstreaming beyond 2017

With an eye to the sustainability of Poverty-Environment mainstreaming and the outcomes of the Poverty-Environment Initiative beyond 2017, the Initiative’s Donor Steering Group debated ways to strengthen Poverty-Environment’s impact globally at its meeting held on 25 September 2014 in Oslo.

The Donor Steering Group meets annually to brief development partners on the progress made in the implementation of the programme of the Poverty-Environment Initiative (PEI) to which donors contribute funding.  The role of the Donor Steering Group is to provide guidance on the accountability and Governance of the Initiative and advice on strengthening linkages with respective donor programmes at global, regional and country level. 

This year’s meeting was hosted by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), a directorate of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The meeting was attended by representatives from the leading donor agencies of Denmark, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the European Union.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the members to be updated on the achievements made so far by the PEI and to share lessons learned and key challenges from the Initiative’s six-year scale up phase, which concluded mid-2013. The meeting also discussed key elements of sustainability of Poverty-Environment Initiative’s results beyond 2017 and gathered donors’ inputs so that they can inform the future sustainability strategy of the Initiative.

The Donor Steering Group highlighted two important issues: the communication of PEI results, and the sustainability of the Poverty-Environment approach beyond 2017. The Group expressed support for continued communication of successful PEI outputs, including best practices and lessons learned, as a way of sustaining the mainstreaming of the Poverty-Environment approach beyond the current phase of the Initiative’s programme, which concludes in 2017. 

On the day following the meeting, the Donor Steering Group shared their experience on mainstreaming Poverty-Environment objectives in their policies and tools in a technical workshop, supported by the Poverty-Environment Facility and UN Environment.

Among the agreements reached at the annual meeting, the Poverty-Environment Facility will prepare a draft sustainability strategy on the basis of consultations, including those with the PEI Technical Advisory Group. The draft strategy will be presented at the next Donor Steering Group meeting in 2015.

Event Date: 
Thursday, September 25, 2014
Oslo, Norway