Expert Group Training Workshop on Strengthening Capacity Building of Environmental Statistics in Bangladesh

On the 15th to 17th May, 2017, the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics in collaboration with PEI, the General Economics Division and UNESCAP convened an expert group training workshop on strengthening capacity to gather and analyse environmental statistics. The meeting was attended by 50 participants from across 28 different ministries and government agencies. Officials had the opportunity to assess the current availability of sectoral data, develop a workplan for the Bureau of Statistics to work with sectors and to discuss the development of a training module to pilot Poverty-Environment Accounts and Experimental Ecosystem Accounts under the Bangladesh Environmental Statistics Framework. Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics in collaboration with the General Economics Division, Planning Commission has developed a “Bangladesh Environmental Statistics Framework (BESF) 2016-2030”, a comprehensive strategic action plan, guideline and authentic platform for collecting, analyzing, reporting and disseminating environment statistics based on national priorities and focused on SDGs, SFDRR, 7thFYP and others successive plans of Bangladesh. Poverty Environment Accounts (PEA) and Experimental Ecosystem Accounts (EEA) form the main strategic goals of the Framework. It aims to link environmental and climate vulnerability data to poverty data and facilitate the use of poverty-environment linked resilient indicators to monitor specific plans, budgets and policies. 

For more information about the Poverty-Environment Accounting Framework, please click here

Event Date: 
Monday, May 15, 2017 to Wednesday, May 17, 2017
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