PEI holds regional workshop in Panama City

The PEI regional workshop was held on 17-18 September in Panama City, hosted by the regional teams of UN Environment and UNDP. The workshop was inaugurated by Ms. Isabell Kempf (Co-director, PEI), Ms. Margarita Astralaga (Regional Director, UN Environment/ROLAC) and Mr. Freddy Justiniano (Director, UNDP regional programme), who outlined the key issues of the workshop. Other key-note speakers to provide insights on the Initiative and its functioning were Mr. Gabriel Labbate (UN Environment/PEI), Mr. Koen Toonen (Regional Coordinator, PEI), Stefano Pettinato (Poverty Unit UNDP). Focusing on the issues of poverty, environment and understanding the link between the two was named a priority. The workshop marked the preparatory stage of the new phase of PEI (2013-2017) in the region. The representatives of Uruguay and Dominican Republic shared their experience of participating in the PEI programme from the period of drawing national plans up until the implementation. Representatives from Paraguay, Guatemala, PerĂº presented their original proposals, which were further elaborated at the workshop drawing from the experience of the two countries mentioned above.

Event Date: 
Monday, September 17, 2012 to Tuesday, September 18, 2012