UNDP-UN Environment PEF held a workshop on the rapid evaluation of three pilot Ecosystems Assessment

The PEI is committed to helping partner governments to use the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) approach to understand better the contribution of ecosystem services to human well being and use this information to improve economic development policy. The three Ecosystem Assessments (EAs) were launched as part of PEI country programmes in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. Based on the results and experiences of the completed assessments, the World Resources Institute (WRI) conducted an evaluation and provided recommendations how EAs can better inform in-country policy processes. UNDP-UN Environment PEF held a workshop on the rapid evaluation of three pilot Ecosystems Assessments to discuss the interim results of the evaluation. The workshop participants reviewed the interim results of the evaluation and discussed how to apply the MA approach most effectively in the context of country level poverty-environment mainstreaming. In addition to the WRI expert, PEI staff, country experts who were involved in the assessments, UN Environment staff working on ecosystem assessments, and a colleague from the World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC) attended the workshop. Participants discussed how the ecosystem assessment methodologies can be better tailored to provide information relevant to the policy processes that are the object of PEI's poverty-environment mainstreaming efforts. Specifically, WRI presented their findings and recommendations from the three pilot countries around the following themes: Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer, the Assessment Process, Methodology & TORs and results and impacts.

The final evaluation report incorporated the workshop recommendations and was published in January 2009.
[Final evaluation report]

Event Date: 
Tuesday, December 2, 2008
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