Reaching small scale artisanal miners and women through the MIREM & MMAS in Mozambique

PEI has in collaboration with MICOA during 2012 supported the Ministry of Mining and Mineral Resources (MIREM) to train small scale artisanal miners on environmental aspects and P-E linkages in small scale mining. The seminar programme included exchange of experiences and good practices on women’s empowerment and gender issues in small scale mining. This has further resulted in a common approach for Small Scale Artisanal Mining (MAPE) that has been formulated in a cross sectoral and integrated manner as a result of PEI support to the MIREM. PEI also supported MIREM to initiate the process of developing a Guide on Good Practices for Artisanal and Small Scale Mining, thereafter funding has been provided for the manual by DANIDA’s Support Program to the Environment Sector (PASA II).

To promote gender equality PEI has further, in collaboration with MICOA, chaired and supported the PASA II funded training of more than 50 planners at the MMAS at both the national and provincial level on integrating equity and environment perspectives in the planning process. These two initiatives provide a good basis for PEI Mozambique of reaching vulnerable minority stakeholder groups through the MMAS and MIREM.

Moreover, as a result of the engagements with MMAS and MIREM in preparing proposals for Social and Economic Plans (PES) 2013 the two ministries have contributed to secure additional funding from PASA II with Danida for implementation of environmental objectives. PEI’s contribution has been important, particularly in the case of the MIREM and MMAS. As such this is another example of the catalytic role that PEI has played in Mozambique to attract additional funds for P-E mainstreaming. Increased funding for MMAS is further likely to contribute to enhancing gender equality.

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