Strengthening of P-E Coordination Mechanisms in Mozambique and Integration of P-E linkages in Economic and Social Plans

In 2012 the government of Mozambique re-confirmed that sustainable natural resource use should be a government priority across sectors resulting in continued efforts to revitalize the Environment Units and focal points covering 17 sectors. With assistance from PEI Mozambique the Ministry for Coordination of Environmental Affairs (MICOA) has established routine procedures for assisting the Environmental Units with their planning process. This has led to strengthened synergies and the integration of P-E objectives in sector plans. Furthermore, 8 sectors (Public Works, Agriculture, Energy, Health, Mining, Fisheries, Transport and Tourism)have with the support of PEI, to some extent, mainstreamed the environment component into the 2013 Economic and Social Plans (PES).

To bring together the government, the sectors and civil society in the process of planning and monitoring sustainable development priorities at the provincial level PEI supported the National Council for Sustainable Development (CONDES) to promote a collaboration platform in 1 province in 2012 and in 2 provinces in 2011. This platform supports the integration of P-E objectives and better harmonized and synergized plans at provincial levels. Based on the experiences gained through the collaboration with PEI, CONDES will be continuing its work at provincial level also in 2013.

These are important steps taken towards ensuring the integration of the environment into sector and national development plans contributing to a more sustainable development in Mozambique and the overall objective of PEI. These developments reflect the government of Mozambique’s increased attention to P-E linkages and are partly a result of PEI Mozambique’s continuous work on awareness raising and capacity building with regards to P-E linkages.

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