UN Interactive Tool Mainstreams Environment and Climate for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development

The Poverty-Environment Initiative, a joint programme of United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Environment Programme, has updated and reissued their 2015 Handbook, now titled Mainstreaming Environment and Climate for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development: The Interactive Handbook to Strengthen Planning and Budgeting Processes.

The Interactive Handbook highlights the interrelationship between poverty reduction and the environment in light of poor people’s lives and livelihoods being continuously threatened by environmental degradation resulting from poor management of natural resources, biodiversity loss and the effects of climate change. It stresses the need for an integrated approach, recognized in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The Interactive Handbook improves discovery and navigation of the original Handbook's contents, offering 'Key concepts', 'Topics', 'Key messages', 'Takeaways', 'Multimedia', 'Tools', 'Results', a learning 'Activity' for small group discussion, and 'Further reading(s)' from each substantive chapter of the 2015 publication. Also included is a new detailed 'Index' with page references to help users find specific topics addressed in the Handbook.

The Interactive Handbook was first featured in a training for Central Asian practitioners on "Capacity Building for Poverty-Environment Engagement", held at Poverty-Environment Initiative's Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States Regional Experts meeting in Istanbul on 26 October 2017. The training was co-organized by the Poverty-Environment Initiative and the UNDP Regional Hub in Istanbul.

"The online Handbook is easier to read and gives a quick overview of what is best in the Handbook," said Shitaye Temam, a member of the Poverty-Environment Facility Knowledge Management Team in Nairobi.

To access the Interactive Handbook, please click here.

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